The Ballad of the White Horse - The last great epic written in the English language-

The Sword of Suprise - Appearing for the first time on the web

Lepanto - I have never read anything quite like this poem

Lepanto - In Spanish - Here is Lepanto as translated into spanish by Borges

The Donkey - One of his best

The Song of Education - A splendid satire

Antichrist, or the Reunion of Christendom: An Ode - More satire

By the Babe Unborn - A poem about the desires of an unborn baby

A Christmas Carol - A poem about Christmas

A Prayer in Darkness - A poem of thanks-giving

The Rolling English Road - A fine drinking poem

Wine and Water - A nonsense poem

The Unpardonable Sin - A love poem

Second Spring - Another poem about Christmas

Variations of an Air - A parody

Femina Contra Mundum - On women

A Ballad of Suicide - A funny poem

A Child of the Snows - A very good peom

A Ballad of Suicide - A life affirming poem

The Englishman - A patriotic poem

The Ballade of the Anti-Puritan - On the problem with modernity

An Elegy In a Country Churchyard - Another patriotic poem

A Song of Right and Wrong - Attacking cocoa

The Last Hero - A love poem of sorts

The Strange Music - Another love poem

The Old Song - A poem about the end of old things

The Aristocrat - A poem about the devil

The House of Christmas - Another Christmas poem

The Convert - Chesterton wrote this poem on his conversion to Catholicism

On the Disatrous Spread of Aestheticism in all Classes - What if everyone was an artist

The Song of the Oak - About oak trees and aristocracy

Who Goes Home? - After a war, who goes home?

The Strange Ascetic - I can't explain this one. Just read it.

The Higher Unity - A funny poem on settling religious differences

The Secret People - On the English people

The Great Minimum - On love and being

To the Unknown Warrior - On publicity